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  • Spring is in the Hair Giveaway

    Posted by CFYH | April 14, 2014 | Competitions, Giveaways & Competitions


        With Spring here and Summer on its way, now is the perfect time to adorn your hair with some beautiful floral accessories. One of my favourite boutique’s for floral hair pieces has to be Flowers From Fatima.  This online boutique carries hair flowers and accessories for women and young girls (with wedding season approaching some of these pieces would be perfect for flower girls) Founded in 2009, Flowers From Fatima has quickly blossomed and has been featured on prominent blogs, such as the Good Hair Blog, The Huffington Post, and Cincy Chic. Flowers From Fatima is also being carried in local salons and boutiques all over the United States, including Beauty by Nature Supply and Naturally Beautiful U.


  • Spring is Hair – D I Y Floral Crown & Headband

    Posted by CFYH | April 7, 2014 | Tutorials


    Hey ladies, I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged besides the hair features and giveaways…apologies. The first few months of this year have been really busy! Anywhoo, Spring has sprung, the flowers are out and so is the Spring/Summer hair trend – Floral crowns, clips and headbands. Looking through pinterest the other day, I came across so many beautiful floral accessory ideas. From small sunflowers to huge peonies.                       This definitely inspired me to created some of my own floral hair accessories. Creating these only took about five minutes and all the things you need will cost you no more than £10 (probably even less as you may


  • Hair Blogger Takeover with Pride Mag!

    Posted by CFYH | April 6, 2014 | Miscellaneous


        Last Month’s Feature In Pride Magazine!

  • Hair & Style with Thaina

    Posted by CFYH | March 9, 2014 | Miscellaneous

    photo (16) (1)

                Hey Thaina, have you been natural all your life, if not why did you choose to return back to your natural tresses? Initially it wasn’t a conscious decision. To be honest, my younger self didn’t know that I had options. My hair was “unmanageable, unacceptable and a relaxer was absolutely necessary.” The notion is ridiculous to me now but that was what I thought until 2006. I maintained relatively “healthy” and long relaxed hair but I wanted a change and got a cropped Halle Berry-esqe cut shortly after moving to California. I was picky about who permed my hair so I just grew it out and cut off the relaxed ends. I wasn’t


  • Hair & Style with Rene

    Posted by CFYH | February 16, 2014 | Reader Feature


             (Photo Credit: Pete Monsanto)   Hey Rene, have you worn you hair naturally all your life, if not why did you choose to return back to your natural tresses? I have mostly worn my hair natural but definitely had my relaxer experience, twice actually. At ten years old I had my first relaxer to make my hair a bit more manageable. It wasn’t straight just very wavy. I didn’t think much of it as a kid I just liked being able to do it myself! I moved to Germany at 13 where eventually the relaxer grew out. By 15 I had entered a phase where I stopped using all products in general. I went vegetarian too.


  • Hair Talk || Kelsey

    Posted by CFYH | February 7, 2014 | Miscellaneous, Reader Feature


    H A I R   T A L K with Kelsey     Hey Kelsey, have you worn you hair naturally all your life, if not why did you choose to return back to your natural tresses?     I have not worn my hair natural all my life. I did my big chop in Feb of 2010. The first person who inspired me to return natural was Bree from America’s Next Top Model. I loved her huge curly hair and wanted mine just like hers.   Absolutely love the colours you’ve had in your hair. What’s your no.1 tip for looking after colour treated hair? Thank you so much! My number 1 tip for color treated hair is


  • 7 DAYS || 7 S T Y L E S

    Posted by CFYH | February 2, 2014 | HAIR STYLES, Tutorials


    7 quick and easy style ideas with Bola of CurlyB.co.uk     DAY 1   Begin with a twist out. Do a side parting and pin your bang to the side. Put a long elastic hairband on, push all the rest of your hair backwards and tuck the ends of your hair into the elastic band at back of your head. Pop a hair accessory on and you’re good to go.   DAY 2   Starting with a twist out, section off the front bang area. Hold the ends of the bang area and gently twist them upwards towards the parting you’ve made. Before pinning it down, carefully tuck the ends under the bang area. Adjust the bang area


  • Hair Talk || Geri

    Posted by CFYH | January 24, 2014 | Miscellaneous, Reader Feature


      H A I R   T A L K || Geraldine   Have you been natural all your life, if not why did you choose to return back to your natural tresses? I’ve been natural for over 5 years.  I decided to return back to my natural tresses after a weave installation left my hair in a thin and damaged state.  I decided to explore staying natural after I realized that after allowing my hair to recover from the damage, there was no reason why I couldn’t remain without a chemical straightener in my hair     How did family & friends react to this decision? My family accepted my decision to become natural.  They were more shocked


  • Pelumi’s Favs giveaway: Root 2 Tip and Gidore

    Posted by CFYH | January 7, 2014 | Miscellaneous


    Hey ladies! Here’s the final favs giveaway. One winner will win products from Root2tip and a hood dryer from Gidore.com.   ROOT2TiP,  pride themselves in not only creating amazing quality Natural and affordable products for all hair types, but also on providing you with the HAIR-ducation, Tips, and Advice needed to make caring for your Curly Afro, Mixed-race, Biracial and straight hair stress-free and simple       The Moisture Balance Shampoo  has been uniquely crafted for dry frizzy curly hair types. Mild enough for daily usage, the blend of Aloe, Ginger and Plant proteins, will cleanse an oily scalp without stripping your hair. Hair reacts well to shampoo that has a low PH, our shampoo leaves hair feeling soft


  • 2014 Hairsolutions!

    Posted by CFYH | January 3, 2014 | Beginner's Kit, Hair Tips


    Happy New Year once again ladies! Once again I want to thank all of you for being part of CFYH. It amazes me to see how this group is growing & growing each day. This new year Care for Your Hair has so much more in store for you, so I hope you all stick around to witness it. Some don’t believe in waiting until the new year to make changes and others consider a new year, a fresh start – however you view it, I’m sure you’ve spent some time reflecting on goals/plans you’d like to achieve in all areas of your life this year, I sure have. One of many of them have been my haircare resolutions