• Hair Street Style: Hair-Ology Conference

    Posted by CFYH | July 31, 2014 | Miscellaneous


    Last Saturday Hair-ology held their 2nd Hair event. We stopped by to show you some of the hair styles from the ladies that attended. Laila of ‘Fusion of Cultures’ rocking a high bun with a printed scarf wrapped around it Gina of ‘Natural Belle’ and her stunning day 3 twist out on a tapered cut. Samantha protective styling with Senegalese twists     Jamila used Shea Moisture’s curl enhancing cream as well as Palmer’s coconut moisturiser to define her curls   Ayo just took out her faux locs, added some coconut oil to her hair and let it be Ugochi rocking her go-to style, a cinnabun Caroline used Moroccan Oil smoothing cream for her flat twist and bun Fresh


  • #Curlvolution2014

    Posted by CFYH | June 10, 2014 | Miscellaneous

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    Hey Ladies, Now it’s been a few weeks but I’m sure some of you are still buzzing from Curlvolution this year. Once again Bukky and the Curlvolution team have shown how hair and beauty events should be done. The atmosphere was just amazing, those that went can attest to this. This is the only event of it’s kind that I’ve been to where the vibe is great, the love is thick in the air and you leave not only learning more about hair but health and life in general. One of the main contributors to the awesome vibe is Mr Action Jackson himself! Aside from being funny, he made it his mission to encourage self love and confidence (Ladies,


  • EvaWigs recap & Giveaway

    Posted by CFYH | May 12, 2014 | Competitions, Giveaways & Competitions, Miscellaneous

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    Hey ladies, So a while back (January? February maybe?) I was sent a kinky-curly u-part wig from Eva Wigs. It’s taken me a good minute to do this review as I wanted to really test the longevity of this unit. Some people aren’t too big on ‘fake natural hair’ but I think it’s a perfect style option for ladies who want to give their hair a break, but rock a style that still resembles their own. It’s also a great way to experiment with different cuts and colour you may not feel comfortable trying out on your own hair. Also, U-part’s are great because it gives those scared of going for a full wig (moi, lol) the comfort in


  • Top Tips for Length Retention

    Posted by CFYH | April 30, 2014 | Miscellaneous


        This week we talk with Kara of ‘Natural Curlies’ about her top 5 tips for retaining length on natural hair.     Keep your hair moisturised regularly. Think of hair as a plant, if a plant isn’t watered regularly it will not flourish and grow, the leaves/ petals will dry out and become crispy and fragile. When natural hair isn’t nourished it will become dry, brittle and look dull like a plant when it has not been looked after. I pay special attention to the ends of my hair, as it’s the oldest part it often gets the driest so it requires the most moisture. I always apply a liquid first In the form of water and then


  • Hair Blogger Takeover with Pride Mag!

    Posted by CFYH | April 6, 2014 | Miscellaneous


        Last Month’s Feature In Pride Magazine!

  • Hair & Style with Thaina

    Posted by CFYH | March 9, 2014 | Miscellaneous

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                Hey Thaina, have you been natural all your life, if not why did you choose to return back to your natural tresses? Initially it wasn’t a conscious decision. To be honest, my younger self didn’t know that I had options. My hair was “unmanageable, unacceptable and a relaxer was absolutely necessary.” The notion is ridiculous to me now but that was what I thought until 2006. I maintained relatively “healthy” and long relaxed hair but I wanted a change and got a cropped Halle Berry-esqe cut shortly after moving to California. I was picky about who permed my hair so I just grew it out and cut off the relaxed ends. I wasn’t


  • Hair Talk || Kelsey

    Posted by CFYH | February 7, 2014 | Miscellaneous, Reader Feature


    H A I R   T A L K with Kelsey     Hey Kelsey, have you worn you hair naturally all your life, if not why did you choose to return back to your natural tresses?     I have not worn my hair natural all my life. I did my big chop in Feb of 2010. The first person who inspired me to return natural was Bree from America’s Next Top Model. I loved her huge curly hair and wanted mine just like hers.   Absolutely love the colours you’ve had in your hair. What’s your no.1 tip for looking after colour treated hair? Thank you so much! My number 1 tip for color treated hair is


  • Hair Talk || Geri

    Posted by CFYH | January 24, 2014 | Miscellaneous, Reader Feature


      H A I R   T A L K || Geraldine   Have you been natural all your life, if not why did you choose to return back to your natural tresses? I’ve been natural for over 5 years.  I decided to return back to my natural tresses after a weave installation left my hair in a thin and damaged state.  I decided to explore staying natural after I realized that after allowing my hair to recover from the damage, there was no reason why I couldn’t remain without a chemical straightener in my hair     How did family & friends react to this decision? My family accepted my decision to become natural.  They were more shocked


  • Pelumi’s Favs giveaway: Root 2 Tip and Gidore

    Posted by CFYH | January 7, 2014 | Miscellaneous


    Hey ladies! Here’s the final favs giveaway. One winner will win products from Root2tip and a hood dryer from   ROOT2TiP,  pride themselves in not only creating amazing quality Natural and affordable products for all hair types, but also on providing you with the HAIR-ducation, Tips, and Advice needed to make caring for your Curly Afro, Mixed-race, Biracial and straight hair stress-free and simple       The Moisture Balance Shampoo  has been uniquely crafted for dry frizzy curly hair types. Mild enough for daily usage, the blend of Aloe, Ginger and Plant proteins, will cleanse an oily scalp without stripping your hair. Hair reacts well to shampoo that has a low PH, our shampoo leaves hair feeling soft


  • Pelumi’s Favs Christmas Giveaway: Jane Carter Solution

    Posted by CFYH | December 27, 2013 | Competitions, Miscellaneous


    Hey Ladies, Back with another giveaway from a brand you all know I love – Jane Carter Solution. This giveaway includes some amazing products that your hair will love this winter. Why? because they are all great sources of moisture for your hair among other things. One of my all time favourite products, the Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner is also included.     Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner Dry hair needs moisture and Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner works wonders for rehydrating second-day hair. Perfect for fragile, color-treated or relaxed hair, this product works as a protective barrier against further damage. The lightweight formula allows you to reduce the temperature when flat-ironing or blow drying your hair (and it also doubles as a sun