Hair Terminology



Hair length terms:

EL:  Ear length

NL: Neck length

SL: Shoulder length

APL: Arm Pit length

BSL: Bra Strap length

BSB: Below Shoulder Blade

MBL: Mid Back Length


Hair Type Terms:

TWA: Teeny, weeny afro

BC – Big chop

BAA – Big ass afro

3A texture: Loose curls

3B texture: Tight curls

4A texture: Loose kinks/coils
4B – C texture: Tight kinks/coils


And some more…

Co-wash: Washing hair with conditioner instead of shampoo

Pre-poo: A way of prepping your hair before you shampoo it. This could be with conditioner, oils or any kind of treatments as a way to reduce the drying affects most shampoos give.

DC: Deep condition/Deep conditioner
EVCO: Extra virgin coconut oil

EVOO: Extra virgin olive oil