• D I Y Hair Sealant

    Posted by CFYH | July 18, 2013 | D.I.Y's, DIY Recipes, Dryness, Moisture, Moisturising, Oils


    It’s been ages since I’ve posted a D.I.Y I know, I know. This D.I.Y is very simple. I basically mixed up some of my favourite oils and butters to make a sealant for my hair. For those that aren’t familiar with the term “sealing”, it basically is locking in moisture on the strands of your hair with an oil/butter based product. The best form of moisture is water (yes, water! It’s ok to wet your hair lol).  Also, products that provide moisture are water based (water/aqua listed as the first ingredient) . So sealing with an oil or butter keeps that water trapped in your strands for longer. The evaporation of moisture from your hair is inevitable but sealing […]

  • Going Green…

    Posted by CFYH | January 18, 2013 | Beauty, D.I.Y's, Hair Tips, News

    Hey ladies!   Over on the facebook page, I recently spoke about returning back to the world of juicing and smoothie making  (thank goodness I’ve also just found two of my favourite recipe books). Also thank Fiona of Love Your Tresses for re-inspiring me to get back on the straight & narrow lol!         There is no point worry about what you put on your hair without a care of what you put inside your body…it just doesn’t make sense. While indeed the benefits of smoothies and juicing will be evident in the condition of your hair & skin overtime – my decision to take this on again concerns neither one. My health gets top priority!   […]

  • Yup…I still use my Mavo-Citrus Whip

    Posted by CFYH | June 6, 2012 | D.I.Y's

    This definitely has to be the best homemade thing I’ve made (besides food of course lol). It works as such a great sealant for my hair and gives it shine without the greasy feeling.           Click here for how I made it                  

  • Mixtress Recipe No.1 – ‘Benshea Butter Bar’

    Posted by CFYH | January 23, 2012 | D.I.Y's, Miscellaneous

    Hey Ladies! So the mixtress challenge has started! Yay!     So my first mixtress creation is the ‘Benshea Butter Bar’ (Yes, I came up with the name lol…pretty creative right?!)               Benshea butter bar:  Each bar conditions and enriches your hair with the needed oils. Each bar also has ayurvedic benefits and cleanses the scalp and your lovely hair.   *Can be used as a mild cleanser and deep conditioning treatment           Ingredients Used: 100g  Bentonite Clay Powder – Deep cleansing (helps to draw out dirt and build up) 100g Shea Butter – Mositure, Rich in vitamins A and E, helps to heal scalp problems e.g. dry scalp […]