• #FlyFeature

    Posted by CFYH | November 21, 2014 | Reader Features


    One of my recent ‘follows’, Dhvani of Ramblingsandsnaps has hair for days and such simple but stunning style. Check her out  http        

  • Hair talk with Nibi

    Posted by CFYH | February 25, 2013 | Reader Features

      Hey ladies so today I’m catching up with Nibi, owner of The Kinky Apothecary blog and store - The first kinky hair supply store in Lagos, Nigeria.           Hey Nibi, have you always been natural? If not when did you ‘go natural’?     I’ve gone natural (or gone BACK natural) twice. First when I was 21. I big chopped and loved rocking a twa for a couple of years, Then I started letting it grow out, although I didn’t really know what I was doing, so I struggled, but I refrained from touching the creamy crack.   I moved back to Nigeria for work in 2006, and though the comments about my hair rolled


  • Reader feature: Simone!

    Posted by CFYH | January 7, 2013 | CFYH Features, Reader Features

          My name is Simone, I’m 23years old my mix heritage is Irish and Jamaican. I’m a traditional girl living in a modern day world. I like the simple things in life and the way to my heart is music and food! I’m also a brand ambassador for Mixed Roots.     How did family & friends react to your decision to go natural?     My hair texture changed throughout my childhood. It got unbearable for my mum to do through primary age, so my dad was advised by a hairdresser to use a relaxer however he and my mum were completely unaware what it was going to do as well as me!   Once I


  • Reader Feature: Zee!

    Posted by CFYH | December 16, 2012 | CFYH Features, News, Reader Features

    Today’s feature is with one of the fabulous CFYH reader’s…Zee!          Have you been natural all your life, if not why did you choose to ‘go natural’?   I had my first relaxer when I was about 2 years old. So natural hair is still pretty new to me. Years of relaxers, heat damage from straighteners and just the general lack of knowledge for how to ‘Care For My Hair’ lol, resulted in its vast deterioration.       I decided the only way to reverse this was to start again. This was my main reason for going natural. I had tried in the past but gave up about 6 months in and got a perm