• Supporting British Brands

    Posted by CFYH | February 12, 2015 | Guest Posts, Reader Feature, Reader Features

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    Written By Belinda Raji of BEUNIQUE Hair Care       There seems to be a tendency in the UK for British naturalistas to be drawn to US hair care products, why is this the case? Some just follow the crowd, led by high subscribing YouTube vloggers whose income is now supplemented through the free products sent their way, and paid for reviews. Although I would like to add, there are a minority of YouTube vloggers who still remain scrupulous and real to the cause, supporting naturals on their journey through unbiased reviews, real advice and heartfelt support for UK brands. Some say price is a big issue, and so therefore choose to remain ‘in the pocket’ of big […]

  • #FlyFeature

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    One of my recent ‘follows’, Dhvani of Ramblingsandsnaps has hair for days and such simple but stunning style. Check her out  http        

  • Hair Talk with Rachy!

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    Hey ladies! Today’s Hair Talk features Rachael of UKnaturals.     Tell us a little bit about yourself & UKnaturals… I am Rachael Mckenzie-Sealy, to many just Rachy. I am a 25 year old creative who likes to be involved in things that express creativity and fun. I have my own fashion label, Concreterose clothing, fashion brand, Making Fashion Happen and blog Just Rachy. I am also 1/2 of Uknaturals, the other half is Naomi Morris.       Uknaturals is a Youtube channel, dedicated to embracing and celebrating naturals hair via debates, interviews, product reviews and general chitchat. We are two different people, with two different heads of hair and two different lifestyles. We held our first event in […]

  • Hair talk with Nibi

    Posted by CFYH | February 25, 2013 | Reader Features

      Hey ladies so today I’m catching up with Nibi, owner of The Kinky Apothecary blog and store – The first kinky hair supply store in Lagos, Nigeria.           Hey Nibi, have you always been natural? If not when did you ‘go natural’?     I’ve gone natural (or gone BACK natural) twice. First when I was 21. I big chopped and loved rocking a twa for a couple of years, Then I started letting it grow out, although I didn’t really know what I was doing, so I struggled, but I refrained from touching the creamy crack.   I moved back to Nigeria for work in 2006, and though the comments about my hair rolled […]

  • Guest Post: Cynthia’s Hair FAQ

    Posted by CFYH | February 8, 2013 | CFYH Features

    Hey ladies,   You’ve most probably seen Cynthia featured on the blog/facebook page quite a bit. Many of you have commented on her lovely twist-outs so below she was happy to share with CFYH  just how she achieves it.   Cynthia’s twist-out How to:                         Some more tips that work for me:     If you need the basics of a 2 strand twist, watch THIS. It’s done dry not wet, but rules the same. I snip the ends (approx. 1/8inch) of my hair after I twist. I probably need proper trim, but it helps. Less product in my hair works better and I only apply products in sections. I […]

  • Teyonah Parris at the SAG awards 2013

    Posted by CFYH | January 29, 2013 | CFYH Features

      “There’s a lot going on with Teyonah Parris’ hair and while we applaud her for trying something new, there’s too much going on here” –          …Erm What??? I’m really interested in finding the person that wrote that because they clearly didn’t see what the rest of the world saw. She looked beautiful and her hair was nothing short of stunning at the Sag Awards 2013.   Mad Men Actress Teyonah Parris wore a gorgeous pompadour updo for the Screen Actors Guild Awards created by superwoman herself, Felicia Leatherwood of Loving your hair with natural care.         For me it’s always refreshing to see a lovely natural hairstyle on the runway, […]

  • Hair & Style talk with Kim

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      Today’s CFYH feature is Kim aka Backsynfan of YouTube         Tell us a little bit about yourself Kim…   I’m Kim. A free-spirited girl with a love for fashion, creativity, and natural hair! I do natural hair tutorials on my Youtube channel     Have you been natural all your life; if not why did you choose to ‘go natural’?   No. I went natural about 2 years ago. At the time, I was always wearing extensions and finally figured, why not just go natural and stop relaxing since I never wear my real hair out anyway? Also, I wanted to see what my ‘real’ texture would be like, since I’ve been relaxed since the […]

  • Hair & Style with Yolanda!

    Posted by CFYH | January 16, 2013 | CFYH Features

              I’m Yolanda Renee and I am a woman with many gifts! I’ve always been a very creative individual that can pretty much use my creativity in everything I do.     My blog, is all about celebrity fashion, style, beauty, and natural hair. I recently added natural hair since I’ve gone natural. I treat my blog like my baby. I really love it and I think that is important to have a successful blog. I hope my readers realize how much work I put into it! I do everything myself from web design, graphic design, research on topics, writing, videos, editing, promoting, advertising, etc. The blog is very personal- I’m no writer! I […]

  • Reader feature: Simone!

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          My name is Simone, I’m 23years old my mix heritage is Irish and Jamaican. I’m a traditional girl living in a modern day world. I like the simple things in life and the way to my heart is music and food! I’m also a brand ambassador for Mixed Roots.     How did family & friends react to your decision to go natural?     My hair texture changed throughout my childhood. It got unbearable for my mum to do through primary age, so my dad was advised by a hairdresser to use a relaxer however he and my mum were completely unaware what it was going to do as well as me!   Once I […]

  • A Natural Affhair by Laura Asimeng

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    Hey Ladies!   A lovely young lady contacted me and asked I take a look at her work. Upon looking, I just had to share with you all a little bit about who she is and her project.     Hi Laura…introduce yourself:         I’m Laura Asimeng, and I love photography– especially photography that goes beyond pretty pictures. In normal life though, I’m an international business and french student     Why did you choose to start this project?     I chose to start because I’ve come to truly appreciate the beauty of natural hair– in this case, the kinks and curls. It’s something that has historically been less appreciated in society to the point […]