• Last Minute Festive Hair & Makeup Looks

    Posted by CFYH | December 24, 2013 | Beauty, HAIR STYLES, Tutorials


    Hey Ladies! It’s Christmas Eve and if Christmas has crept up on you like it has me, you still have no clue as to how you’re styling your hair tomorrow or what to do makeup wise. So I’ve put together some quick and easy hair styles and some stunning makeup looks featuring Make up Artist – Giselle Alie   Hair Stylist – Mary of Papachichi Style   Here are the looks:         For a closer view of the makeup and hair looks, watch the tutorial below!

  • DIY Lip Scrub

    Posted by CFYH | December 17, 2013 | Beauty, DIY Recipes

    photo (43)

    Hey ladies, Now the weather has definitely changed and I’m sure your skin is changing too. This time of year many people experience dry, flaky, chapped lips. A great thing to do is moisturise your lips. However, as well as mositurising your lips, you need to exfoliate them to rid all dead skin. Lip scrubs are great because you can make them in 60 seconds and using it results in smooth, supple, soft lips.   p.s. It’s also a great idea to exfoliate before you wear lipstick, especially matte lipstick. Those flaky bits are not cute.     Some people simply like to use their tooth brush on their lips once they’ve finished brushing their teeth which is fine. However […]

  • Going Green…

    Posted by CFYH | January 18, 2013 | Beauty, D.I.Y's, Hair Tips, News

    Hey ladies!   Over on the facebook page, I recently spoke about returning back to the world of juicing and smoothie making  (thank goodness I’ve also just found two of my favourite recipe books). Also thank Fiona of Love Your Tresses for re-inspiring me to get back on the straight & narrow lol!         There is no point worry about what you put on your hair without a care of what you put inside your body…it just doesn’t make sense. While indeed the benefits of smoothies and juicing will be evident in the condition of your hair & skin overtime – my decision to take this on again concerns neither one. My health gets top priority!   […]

  • Protective styling with Kinky Curly Hair again

    Posted by CFYH | December 30, 2012 | Beauty, Hair Tips

    We all need to give our hair a break once in a while and ‘protective style’. With my own hair, I usually opt for my signature bun or a roll & tuck style. I also love switching it up completely and getting extensions (such as braids or twists) or a weave.     Earlier this year I did a weave using kinky curly looking hair & I loved it. It was low maintenance, all I really had to do was retwist my leave-out every night, undo it in the morning and spray the weave with a little water to spruce it up.     So as you may have seen, I’ve revisited this style. For me its nice to […]

  • Keeping it Simple…

    Posted by CFYH | December 18, 2012 | Beauty

    Days like this are those ‘throw on a hat’ kind of days. In search of an old hat, I found an old scarf I purchased from Brick Lane a good 2/3 years ago.     A rocking a cute headwrap is definitely a more chic way to jazz up a dull day!           The scarf has quite a bit of red in it too, so instead of going for my usual nude/pink lip, I went for red!         Lipstick: w7 – Vampire Kiss        

  • November Favourites!

    Posted by CFYH | December 3, 2012 | Beauty

    Hey Ladies!   Without trying to bring out the product junkie in you, I thought it would be nice to show you some of the products (others than hair stuff) I used in the last month & absolutely love!           Face:   Last month I started using some products from the SkinCeuticals range and I’m in love! I have crazy oily skin and finding the perfect set of products to cater to this has been hard. Things I’ve used in the past have either caused me to break out or has dried my skin out (which eventually leads to it over producing oil!)         The Daily Moisturiser for normal to oily skin […]

  • Autumn Beauty

    Posted by CFYH | September 20, 2012 | Beauty

    While I don’t consider myself a ‘trendy’ person, Autumn evokes something in me which always makes me gravitate towards the oranges, browns, burgundy and greys – clothes and makeup wise. So when I saw that one of my favourite youtuber’s (‘Beauty by Lee’)  recently put together some amazing makeup looks that tie in perfectly with this season and its trends, I had to share! Although these aren’t everyday looks, it’s a perfect evening/occasion look.   Look 1         Look 2