About CFYH

Pelumi Rae is the founder of Care for Your Hair, a UK hair blog; started as a blog to document her hair journey for family and friends. Care for You Hair has been dubbed one of “Britain’s Top Natural Hair Blogs” as it’s a platform that impacts the lives of women by, inspiring them to embrace their hair, informing them about haircare & encouraging them to see the beauty in their hair.



Pelumi’s story:


“On the 23rd July 2009 I decided to do the big chop! When I did this I knew nothing about the natural hair community, I didn’t even know what the term ‘Big Chop’ meant. I just knew it was time to get rid of the relaxed hair.

My hair wasn’t breaking or damaged…I just cut it because I was curious to see what my natural hair texture was really like.

A few years back I wanted to the ‘Big Chop’ but was discouraged by peers and I honestly didn’t know what I’d do with my hair if I was to take the plunge and go natural.

However in the summer of 2009 I got fed up of my relaxed hair and went for it!

The day I cut off my hair, I felt so good. I received a mixture of reactions, however I was mentally prepared.

Many of my family and friends were shocked at first, but soon came to like it. As always, there was one family member that was confused as to why I would choose to be natural. They didn’t understand why I’d trade straight ‘easy to manage’ hair for a head of kinks and curls.

Despite some of the negativity, I didn’t let the comments phase me; it motivated me to want to make sure my hair was in tip top shape all the time. There was/is such a negative perception that some carry about natural hair…, ‘it’s nappy, it’s rough, tough, hard to manage, ugly…’ the list is endless.

In all, motivation for my Facebook group page was to make sure that I remind those that are natural that their hair is beautiful, to remind those that aren’t natural that there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to the state of our natural hair. As well as that, the page is a reminder that God did NOT make a mistake when He gave us the hair we have, our texture is different on purpose…so it’s time to embrace it.

I started watching YouTube videos, I then discovered all the natural communities and then realised there’s nothing like this in the UK. So the Facebook page started. I wanted to make sure the other UK naturals had access to the information I found.

I’ve enjoyed my natural hair journey so far, so I want to help you enjoy yours, I want to help make taking care of your hair easier for you, and to remind you that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.”