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My name is Simone, I’m 23years old my mix heritage is Irish and Jamaican. I’m a traditional girl living in a modern day world. I like the simple things in life and the way to my heart is music and food! I’m also a brand ambassador for Mixed Roots.



How did family & friends react to your decision to go natural?



My hair texture changed throughout my childhood. It got unbearable for my mum to do through primary age, so my dad was advised by a hairdresser to use a relaxer however he and my mum were completely unaware what it was going to do as well as me!


Once I relaxed my hair my hair went downhill. The texture was awful I went through my teens of then braiding using gel. My hair was no longer the luscious curls – it was short with many different levels and I had RUINED it! When I was 17/18 I decided the only thing to do was chop it all off into a very short bob similar to what Alicia keys style is like now. From then I began my journey of becoming natural. My family were happy, they hated that it was straight and that I was ruining my hair.



Has being natural changed you at all?






It has giving me a lot of confidence, it is my main feature that I am confident about. Its changed me in a sense I now get noticed and that I have job opportunities in the hair industry to do various promotion events, which is pretty fantastic!






Do you have a hair regimen, If so what is it?



My hair regimen is simple shampoo and conditioner, and I comb it with a tangle teezer. You must have the right hair tools for your hair especially with curly, or you will end up taking out your hair! Ouch!





I treat it every week and it involves hair packet treatments, replenishing conditioner, oil, cling film, head cap! I work it through wrap my hair in cling film, put my head cap on and leave it for most of the day! This tends to be a Sunday as it’s my stay at home and chill out day! At night I put a little bit of oil in and wear a head scarf this keeps it nourished and tamed. I also sleep on satin pillows much more pleasant to your hair.



3 of your favourite hair products?



Moroccan Oil
Mixed Roots
Palmers Coconut Milk Treatment.



Have you made any mistakes with your natural hair? If so what advice would you give to other naturals?



Yes! Sadly I thought let me dye it! arghhhhh stress lol. It wasn’t for me and I’m now in the process of growing it out. Also washing it far too often, I just need to learn to maintain my curls.





Any words of encouragement?



I believe hair is beauty no matter its straight, curly, kinky, long or short. If its your hair rock your hair! You just have to maintain it, know your hair texture. It’s all about trial and error, your hair will change and yes the product that might have worked couple months ago might not work now.


Learn how to tame your mane and embrace it! You will save a lot of money ladies!


Leah Omonya
Leah Omonya

You have gorgeous hair and the colour looks pretty cool.