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Posted by CFYH | January 4, 2013 | A Piece of Home

 Hey ladies! I’m finally back with another Piece of Home post. This post features Fola of the soon to be launched FloGlo Stylez!








A bit about yourself & FloGlo Stylez?



My name is Folawewo, I’m 21 years old and I love all things colourful and bright. Having an African background, from a young age I grew up around it, food clothing everything. I love my culture and its fashion, the vibrant colours and extravagant designs but also I love to create.





FloGlo Stylez is a jewellery line comprising of contemporary and vintage style pieces with an African twist. FloGlo was established in 2011 but has been a work in progress until now; the pieces are finally available online from the Sunday 6th January 2013.
What inspired you to start FloGlo Stylez?



The foundation of FloGlo is a scripture in the bible ‘You are the light of the world’…-Matthew 6:14 and the aim of Floglo is to put this to practice through fashion and essentially accessories.
Another huge inspiration for FloGlo is my African upbringing as mentioned before, growing up I was always attending parties with my mum (since I was the youngest I had no choice lol) and this meant I was always surrounded by beautiful fabrics, be it lace, ankara, batik etc. During these times I would always try and customise my outfits with different accessories such as hair flowers or bangles just to give me that ‘extra touch’. It got to a point where people would ask me where they could get my items from so I thought I’m on to something here and FloGlo Stylez was born.










What kind of pieces can we expect to see in the FloGlo store?
The kinds of pieces you can expect to see are very unique and contemporary, most of the items we have are twists and variations on the latest trends. Expect pieces that are bold and daring for that woman that wants to make a statement but also simple but still beautiful pieces for the woman that likes to keep it simple but elegant. As all of our products are handmade you can’t be sure of what to expect, but our number one aim is to have designs that are engulfed in vibrant fabric to help you ‘unleash your brighter side’.




Some of the FloGlo Stylez pieces …check out more here
















Leah Omonya
Leah Omonya

These clothes and accessories are fabulous. For so long I've seen ankara jewelery but the clothes are to die for. I know what I'm getting for my birthday.