A Natural Affhair by Laura Asimeng

Posted by CFYH | December 30, 2012 | A Piece of Home, CFYH Features, News

Hey Ladies!


A lovely young lady contacted me and asked I take a look at her work. Upon looking, I just had to share with you all a little bit about who she is and her project.



Hi Laura…introduce yourself:





I’m Laura Asimeng, and I love photography– especially photography that goes beyond pretty pictures. In normal life though, I’m an international business and french student


Why did you choose to start this project?



I chose to start because I’ve come to truly appreciate the beauty of natural hair– in this case, the kinks and curls. It’s something that has historically been less appreciated in society to the point that young girls feel ugly with them and can’t wait to straighten them out of their hair, which is sad. So through these beautiful pictures of people that are rocking what God gave them, I hope to give other females inspiration and reaffirm that with this hair, one can be absolutely gorgeous.





What impact do you believe this project will make?



I believe it will give more people the confidence to wear their hair naturally, and admire the resulting beauty! At least that’s what I hope!



What kind of feedback have you received for this project?


Very positive! A male friend even suggested he’s considering going for a “natural female” now, which made me laugh! All the girls involved in the project jumped right on board when I asked them to participate…I mean it’s basically been positive feedback all the way, which is beautiful



Some photos from her project














Click here for more:




Where’s the best place to find you (twitter/blog/fb page?)


Find me: fb page- Elle Kasa Photography
twitter: coming soon! will keep you posted about other platforms


Behind the scenes video footage:



Leah Omonya
Leah Omonya

They all have beautiful hair, its great to see natural hair being celebrated and with a head of hair like those girls, who wouldn't celebrate?