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There’s a moment that true music lovers cherish when an artist is found that is musically diverse, culturally relevant, visibly accessible, and able to deliver quality music without fail. That moment is reached each time one experiences the sounds of Leah Smith.







Leah Smith is a singer, song writer and musician. She has an amazing voice & amazing hair to go alongside it.



Before we get to the music questions…let’s talk about your hair!





Have you worn your hair natural all your life?

I haven’t been natural my whole life. I had a perm in middle school. When I discovered I was unable to manage the perm, I grew my natural hair back out.





Your hair styles always looks so beautiful, yet effortless…what would you say your go-to hairstyle is?



My go-to hairstyle at the moment is a blow out that I braid at night and let flow during the day. I also do a lot of twists as it is winter and I want to keep my hair moisturised.




Do you have a hair regimen, If so what does it consist of?



My hair regimen is constantly evolving. I wash every 2 weeks or so. I’ll condition every week or so. I love leave-in conditioners after a wash or condition. I’m heavily into moisturising my hair, and I always wrap at night.



Name 3 of your favourite hair products?

Indian Hemp, Argon Oil, Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner






Now onto music, how would you describe your sound?


Soulful, lyrical, pop






How long have you been singing for?

I’ve been singing since I was 4.



One of your most popular songs is ‘Beautifully Made’, what inspired you to write this song?





I wrote this song for a job I had years ago. When I was a Junior in high school I sang at a character building and science camp each Thursday. As the “entertainment” for the night I was asked to sing material pertinent to the 6th graders who were there each week. I wrote that song for 6th graders because I remembered how tenuous self-esteem issues were in middle school. The song has struck a chord in diverse age groups as well however.



Of all your songs, which did you enjoy writing most?

Hmmm…Probably a song called “Double Trouble”…It’s soon to be released.


You have a new single called ‘Grow Up’. For those that haven’t yet heard the song, what’s this song about?

“Grow Up” is a song I wrote about trying to find my place in the world as an early (now mid) 20-something. It’s my daily anthem and prayer for maturity and purpose.



Can we expect to see you in London any time soon?


There’s nothing in the works yet. :( One day I hope and pray. I’ve been to London twice and I LOVE the city!



Where can we find you? 

My splash page:
Twitter Handle: Leahsmithmusic


One of my favourite Leah songs!


Leah Omonya
Leah Omonya

These are some great songs, I will definatley be looking into her. Though I may be showing some bias to her as my namesake.