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Miss Yaya…oops, I mean Mrs!

Posted by CFYH | June 28, 2012 | Miscellaneous

Hey ladies,


I recently heard through the grape vine that Yaya DaCosta (ANTM Cycle 3 – the best cycle in my opinion) just got married!


I remember watching her on ANTM and admiring her lovely hair and just how effortless she made having natural hair look.


I know if I had to compare the way I style my hair to a ‘natural celeb’ it would definitely be her because she’s just simple. She makes it look nice & classy without doing too much.









Even by the looks of her wedding photos she kept her hair as she usually does – simple!









Congratulations sister

Woollen head
Woollen head

She looks amazing, an extraordinary lady. I'm so happy for her. Thanks for the info Pelumi


She's stunning isn't she!

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