TWA/Big Chop Files…

Posted by CFYH | May 24, 2011 | The Big Chop & TWA's


Tips of the Day:

*Take extra care of your hair, yes…even when it’s short. Your short hair will one day become the ends of your hair. If you damage them now (e.g. using excessive heat) you will find that you may have to constantly trim/cut your ends. In order for your hair to retain length, the ends need extra care – in this case your short hair needs all the TLC it can get.


*Condition regularly, I found that really helped during my TWA stage, it helped keep my hair moisturised & easier to work with.


*Combat dryness by creating your own hair spritz/refresher


*Enjoy this stage of your hair. Many people in their TWA stage cannot wait for it to grow out…but don’t forget to love your hair in every stage it goes through. Trust me when I say when your hair gets to shoulder length & you’re in the shower washing & detangling¬†for up to an hour you will miss the short stages.


*Listen to your hair. At this stage of your journey you’re probably trying out new products and trying to find what works for you – so you need to pay attention to your hair & how it responds to the products you use.


For any TWA ladies out there, what have you found helps/helped you through your shorter stages? Please share…